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Coach Estrelle

Coach Estrelle grew up in the Phillipines and came back to the United Stated aged 9 when she had to re-learn English. Coach Estrelle has always enjoyed watching football and soccer and isn't always able to stay calm and quiet when her teams are winning! Coach Estrelle is a co-founder of Soccer Saints and loves coaching the kids.

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Coach Ryan

Coach Ryan grew up in Southampton, England where he supported his local professional soccer team, The Saints. One of Ryan's greatest experiences was when he watched The Saints beat Manchester United 6-3 in Southampton. Coach Ryan thoroughly enjoys coaching group and private classes with Soccer Saints and is also a co-founder.

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Coach Adam

Coach Adam grew up just outside of Chicago, IL where he played soccer and earned his BA in Psychology. He later went on to earn his Master's Degree in Sport Psychology in Phoenix, AZ and became a Head Coach for Real Salt Lake. Coach Adam has played as a professional goalkeeper as well as coaching professionally and loves working with the Young Saints as he calls them at Soccer Saints.

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Coach Monse

Coach Monse grew up in the Temecula Valley area and played tons of soccer as a goalkeeper. She has studied Sports Medicine and has won multiple awards in her studies including Citizen of the Year and an All School Award. Coach Monse has coached soccer and t-ball and loves working with the up and coming Soccer Saints players.