All About Soccer Saints

"Education through fun"

Soccer Saints is a children’s soccer enrichment company teaching children’s soccer in schools, parks and including private lessons and Birthday parties. Soccer Saints teaches STEAM-infused soccer where STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities are either taught as a break to fun drills and games or combined into a pre-existing Soccer Saints games.

Soccer Saints coaches are knowledgeable with early childhood education and are thoroughly background checked and Soccer Saints certified. Each class is designed with attention spans in mind and classes become more challenging as the curriculum progresses. We encourage beginners, intermediate and advanced youth soccer players to try out our classes and experience our education through fun motto that will create soccer fun forever. 

Soccer Saints is an International Academy Partner of Southampton Football Club in the English Premier League that is very well known for its player development academy. Players have come through the academy and gone on to play for World famous clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid and more. 

Soccer Saints’ Covid-19 Protocol

The following Covid-19 protocol will be in effect until further notice:

  • All soccer balls will be sanitized after each and every practice

  • Every jersey/pinny used during practice or handled by any individual shall be placed into a separate bag and thoroughly washed before use in the next practice

  • Hand sanitizer will be available on the red card table adjacent to the field for anyone to use

  • Parents are encouraged to stay 6 feet apart from others whilst watching their children

  • Children are asked to stay 6 feet apart from other players during practice 

  • Instead of high 5’s after goal scoring or hugging, players are asked to give a round-of-applause to others to congratulate them

  • All parents and players are encouraged to wear a face covering if at all possible throughout practice

  • Food should not be consumed at all during practice

  • Water should be in a clearly labelled sports bottle so players can easily identify their own drink

Protocols may be added to and will be shared with any and all families prior to the first practice.

Many thanks for your support,

  • The Soccer Saints Team